1. What is Luit?

Luit is an online video streaming platform owned and operated by Manas Robin’s Production which offers over 1,000 hours of Regional Movies, Music Videos and kid’s Content across 6 Indian languages viz: Assamese, Manipuri, Missing, Bodo, Tea Garden & Nepali. Our platform is more than just a collection of movies and shows; it's a tribute to the diversity and creativity that defines the 7 sisters.

2. Is Luit available on Android and iOS?

Yes, Luit is available on both Android and iOS platform

3. What can I watch on Luit?

On Luit, you can watch movies, original web series, music videos and a lot more in your own regional language.

4. What kind of Assamese content is available on Luit?

We have movies, series, and shows that people of all age groups can watch and enjoy- ranging from cartoon shows with moral messages, suspenseful crime dramas, bone-chilling thrillers, stand-up comedy specials, high-octane action flicks - and so much more!

5. Which are the other devices we can watch Luit?

You can watch Luit on your smartphone, tablet device, laptop and PC.

6. How many different packages are available on Luit?

You can rent and watch any contents on Luit.

7. How many people can watch Luit simultaneously with a single login?

Only one person can watch Luit at once with a single login.