About Us

Luit Entertainment
Luit Entertainment is an online video streaming platform owned and operated by Manas Robin’s Production which offers over 1,000 hours of Regional Movies, Music Videos and kid’s Content across 6 Indian languages viz: Assamese, Manipuri, Missing, Bodo, Tea Garden & Nepali. High level audio/video streaming technology and a high attention to quality of user experience across devices and platforms makes Luit Entertainment the most complete entertainment destination for Over the Top (OTT) audio/video consumers.


Luit Entertainment is also a renowned technical (simple & instant) launching pad for video content providers who would like to broadcast their channel in any selected geography globally. This enables the broadcasters to focus on their video content creation without worrying about the technical aspects of broadcasting the content.




Luit Entertainment is your very own regional streaming service owned by Manas Robin's Production. Here you can witness movies, music videos and more to create those memorable moments! All in your 100% local, 100% native language. You can also download and watch your favourite content offline.